Obsidian Frequently Asked Questions


What does OGM stand for?
OGM stand for "Online Gaming Manager". This is what Obsidian is described as, because it is an online system that manages games.

What does the name Obsidian represent?
Obsidian is an igneous rock composed of volcanic glass that is formed after felsic lava is extruded from the center of the earth and rapidly cools. The Online Gaming Manager shares similar qualities with this rock. Gaming has always been a favorite pastime for us here at KuhnSystems. So just as the volcanic glass comes from deep within the earth, the desire to build a gaming management system came from deep within our hearts. That desire drove us to produce this system's initial release in just over a month's time. Due to the rapid development timeline, and unique capabilities, Obsidian earned its name by becoming "cool" in the eyes of its users, very quickly!

While trying to log in, I get an alert saying my browser doesn't support Obsidian.
Obsidian is currently only compatible with Google Chrome. Please change browsers to be able to log into the system. Google Chrome can be downloaded from the following link: http://google.com/chrome

What's the fastest way to get to the Obsidian login page?
We recommend that you bookmark or create a desktop shortcut to http://obsidian.kuhnsystems.com/login. This will be the fastest way to access the login page for the system and will prevent you from having to go through the pages of our website to get to the login link.

Is it possible to show the Live Inventory Display on a wall mounted TV and use the system at the same time, from the same computer?
Yes! If your TV is connected to your computer as an external monitor and you have a separate computer monitor connected at the same time, you can extend your desktop to cover both screens. This will allow you to drag the Live Inventory Display window onto the television just as if it was a second computer monitor (it essentially is). Your television can now show the display screen, and users can use the system as usual on the computer monitor.